mercredi 15 avril 2015

N° 21 - Lorraine Kwan - Canada -

A wonderful mail art from Lorraine, in a polybag and inside 2 old maps (one is incorrect !! from Lorraine) and a reproduction of a painting (HMS erebus in the ice - 1846) 
The maps represent the search for the Northwest Passage, first by Sir Martin Frobisher, who was an english seaman and pirate (1539 - 1594) and then by Sir John Franklin who was a British Royal Navy officer and explorer (1786 - 1847).
The HMS Erebus was part of Captain Sir John Franklin's lost expedition, which claimed the lives of 129 men. It was later determined that the ships became icebound while exploring the Northwest Passage. Throughout the last 150 years, numerous bodies were recovered from the shores of King William island. The condition of the remains has sparked rumors and speculation about how the men died. Although a large portion of the crew was likely by disease and exposure, researchers believe the survivors eventually resorted to cannibalism.
Thank you very much Lorraine, so nice to hear from you. Be seeing you in a mail soon.
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